Connecting the world through music – playing for change

Posted on January 27, 2012


Let’s get together..

When ever I see people singing together, joining forces in music, it always inspires me greatly and reminds me of how much we, the human beings on planet earth, can do when we get together and team up. It highlights the potential and innate power to create positively within each one of us. There is something about joining together for positive causes, that ignite the, at times still dormant, immense power within people – and the power to create increases exponentially as people are joining forces for a better world. That is when ‘2plus2equals10‘!

Playing for Change

These music videos made by the organization Playing for Change remind me of this and empower my inner change-maker.  I hope it touches yours too and that you will share this, so we can help making a ripple effect of awakening change-makers across the globe. It also serves as a great reminder, that there are endless ways in which you can help make a difference…