about the blog

2plus2equals10 is a blog for those interested in social change. That is the core and basic curiosity of this site. Social change is the goal, but how this can be achieved – and in which ways it is already taking place around the world is the main focus point. The blog will explore, discuss, and collect stories of change from many different angles; highlighting different means to the same end. It will be about social entrepreneurship, development issues, motivation, human rights, the individual’s change-making potential, creativity, social responsibility, sustainability, the change-potentials within the blogosphere and social media, inspiration, social investment, social enterprise best practice, activism, collaboration and co-creation, and everything in between. In large it is a site to share articles, references, tools, photos, videos, experiences, inspirations, reflections, and the like, which I come across in my work with social enterprises and social change; items which I find useful, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

2plus2equals10 will be a repository of useful articles, reflections, and references for everyone interested in creating a better tomorrow – whether you are an aspiring social entrepreneur needing new insights, motivation, and rolemodels; an established social enterprise or nonprofit wondering how to innovate or perhaps use social media in your change-work; an individual yearning to make a contribution seeking inspiration for where to get involved; an activist already out there and just wanting to be updated on things; a change-focused blogger adding your thoughts or getting provoked to new ones; a student curious of these topics searching great references and knowledge; a dreamer loving to read about these stuff; or just someone who find these topics greatly fascinating, inspiring and important.

I continuously want to understand  more about how large, structural, sustainable societal changes can be brought about. This will be reflected on this blog.

the name 2plus2equals10

Given that 2+2=10 is mathematically impossible, the name emphasizes believing in the impossible – in other words, it represents thinking unconventional and being open-minded. More importantly, it also symbolizes that together we can do more, that synergies happens when people collaborate, and that this mindset of sharing defies conventional boundaries and paves the way for things to happen, which hitherto were thought  impossible. This is already taking place within work for social change – through new collaborations, community gatherings, open-source approaches, and much more – but it is my hope, that we will see increasingly more of that.

about me

I hold a double-master degree in International Business and International Management from Copenhagen Business School, with specialization in Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, and development issues. I wrote my Master’s thesis on ‘best practice’ social entrepreneurship in India, curious to explore ‘what makes the successful social ventures great’. Throughout the last 10+ years I have been involved in this field of work through volunteering, student organizations, internships in developing countries, academic research, jobs etc. I work within the cross field of business and development, which is my vast interest and passion. My motivation is to use knowledge in innovative ways to find new solutions to societies most pressing social issues. If you are curious to know more, read here.

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  1. Dear ASF,

    Very happy to stumble across your blog!

    I just got back to LA following my first trip to Copenhagen where I was trying to sell my software program to Maersk – we improve the efficiency of the global freight and logistics sales process, hopefully for the greater good of the industry, all peoples & the planet… here’s our site if interested: http://www.firstfreight.com

    Also, are you familiar with Singularity University? It was founded recently by the Google guys and they are trying to solve some of the worlds biggest problems through innovation + collaboration!


    Please let me know your thoughts!

    Best Always,

    Todd Collins

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