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Upcoming social entrepreneurship conferences to keep an eye on

February 24, 2011


Now and then, in all corners of the world, people gather to discuss, debate, celebrate, challenge, develop, strengthen, and constructively criticize social entrepreneurship as a phenomenon, social enterprises as an organizational form, social innovation as a means to find solutions to our societies most pressing problems, and the like. Below are listed some of those […]

Defining social entrepreneurship: an academic deciphering

February 20, 2011


The purpose of this text is to provide anyone interested in social entrepreneurship as a concept academically, with a brief introduction to some of the essential aspects of the phenomenon, as well as the field of literature surrounding it. Be warned, there will be academic quotes and references, such that those intrigued, can study further. […]

World Press Photo winners: pictures that speak louder than words

February 15, 2011


Pictures sometimes speak louder than any words. Sometimes they even yell at you, and to such an extent that you might find yourself surprised, that one single picture could have such an impact on you.  The very best of such pictures, covering the realities of contemporary human existence, have just been awarded by the prestigious […]

How to get on the ‘social entrepreneurship train’: Are you a doer or a planner?

February 3, 2011


Most people like to help, and most people really wish to make a contribution to something which makes our societies or environment better off. Purpose drives us, motivates us, gets us exited and makes sense in our lives. The thing is how do you know how and where to contribute? I hear this often talking […]