Thesis on Social Change

Towards catalyzing social transformation: The quest for organizational legitimacy and growth – An explanatory multiple-case study of social entrepreneurship in New Delhi: What makes some organizations more successful than others?

Something which sounds this dry, turned out to be one of the most exiting journeys I have ever embarked upon. What was to be my master thesis, the final work of my education in International Business from Copenhagen Business School, turned out to be so much more.

A restless curiosity to know ‘how significant, systematic societal transformation is created,’ made me travel to India in an attempt to get a little closer to understand this. I really wanted (and still do) to understand ‘how we can create the sustainable social changes that truly makes the world a better place for everyone.’ That’s it. I am on a journey to understand this, a journey which started years ago, and I saw my master thesis as an excellent opportunity in this connection.

I spend about a year researching on this, and it was a journey much larger than a master thesis of 70 pages. I met some incredible, inspiring, brave Indian social changemakers – eight to be precise – and their stories, work, and journeys put together into a larger whole, revealed some interesting insights. I shall share some of these stories, discoveries, and inspirations with you, on this blog.

My hope is that the more we share, discuss, and constructively challenge each other, the closer we will get to knowing ‘how that long-lasting sustainable change the world so desperately needs can be brought about.’ So please share with me, what you know, and think, others could benefit from knowing.

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  1. I hope you success in fullfilling what you have stated in the journey of exploring Social change.

  2. All the best in incredible India!


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