The white page

Posted on November 23, 2010


I imagine it similar to when a poet embark on a new piece, staring at the white page, before putting down that one first word. Letter even. The first letter one writes, which gives shape to the first word, which again feeds to the next, and from there the new poem will be born. Which first word to express between endless choices? This is my first blog entry, and I wonder, which words to put down first. Where does one begin, when there are so many places that could potentially be the starting point? If blogging is like building a house – laying the foundation, building the house brick by brick – then I suppose it matters where you start. More likely (read hopefully), blogging is like a living organism constantly changing, adapting, challenging, and interacting; the flow being more important than the starting point.

Either way, this is where I start; ready to let the blog teach me its true nature. I call it 2plus2equals10 because this is one of my core beliefs – and also the title of a project I am currently working on related to using the blogosphere for social good. I believe that together we can do more; that interaction, sharing and co-creating is the future (and the now!) Also within the social sector, which is something I am particular passionate about. I will get back to that at another occasion. The purpose of this blog will therefore be to share my thoughts, experiences, inspirations, links, and the like related to topics such as social entrepreneurship, developing countries/emerging economies, social innovation and change, change-making potentials within the blogosphere, creativity, beauty, and everything in between.

When I was a teenager I used to have this poster hanging on my wall stating ‘living is believing in the impossible,’ portraying a couple trying to fit a gigantic Christmas tree into a tiny car. I liked this message and it has followed me through the years.  2+2 = 10 is well aligned with that, because given that it is mathematically impossible, it emphasizes believing in the impossible – in other words, it represents thinking unconventional and being open-minded. More importantly, it also symbolizes that together we can do more, that synergies happens when people collaborate, and that this mindset of sharing defies conventional boundaries and paves the way for things to happen, which hitherto were thought  impossible. I hope to see this happen within work for social change (development work, CSR, social entrepreneurship, sustainability etc.) – and in fact, I have no doubt that it will happen. I sense it being on its way, as great and exiting things are already taking place in all corners of the world – through new collaborations, community gatherings, open-source approaches, and much more.

By the way; there is also something really exiting about a white page.