Video: How the global food market starves the poor

Posted on April 17, 2011


How to feed the world?

This is the main question raised in this short and entertaining video, which despite its apparent simplicity, gives food for thought. Why is it for example that in some parts of the world we have an oversupply of food (and vast problems with obesity), while in other more southern parts huge amounts of people who are malnourished and starving? One person in seven on a global scale is according to this video malnourished! The video expounds the interconnectedness of the human kind and the obscure ways in which we over the decades have chosen to structure our societies and the relations (and distribution) between them.

With this video Denis van Waerebeke has found a simple, entertaining and insightful way to put it. The film was originally made for an exhibition in Paris aimed mainly at kids around the age of 9-14, but somehow it manages to provoke something within each of us. So share this with your children – or simply enjoy it for yourself, for the simple and clever way it is put together. So simple can it be said, see for yourself..