Upcoming social entrepreneurship conferences to keep an eye on

Posted on February 24, 2011


Now and then, in all corners of the world, people gather to discuss, debate, celebrate, challenge, develop, strengthen, and constructively criticize social entrepreneurship as a phenomenon, social enterprises as an organizational form, social innovation as a means to find solutions to our societies most pressing problems, and the like. Below are listed some of those conferences, fora, workshops, you name it, worth paying attention too. And even if you are not planning on joining the venues, looking at the speakers, the topics, and other participant buzz around it, because it will inform you greatly. Have a peak if you wish..

March 30th – April 1st 2011

Skoll World Forum 2011, Oxford, England

“Each year, 800 of the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs, key thought leaders and strategic partners gather at the University of Oxford to exchange ideas, solutions and information. The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship accelerates the impact of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs by uniting them with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage and large-scale social change. It is the premiere, global gathering within the field of social entrepreneurship (..)”…Read more.

March 30 2011

Voice 11, the UK’s biggest social enterprise event, London

“Voice11 is brought to you by the Social Enterprise Coalition and this year will be the biggest yet with 130 exhibitors and an expected 1,500+ delegates, including social enterprises, third sector and public sector organizations, as well as private sector companies supportive of social enterprise PLUS senior cabinet ministers, MPs and social enterprise policymakers and investors.

The focus of Voice11 is on doing business, bringing new business into the social enterprise sector, and making the external business environment truly supportive and truly fertile to social enterprise (..)”…Read more.

April 5th – April 7th 2011

Social Enterprise World Forum 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa

“The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) – the world’s premier event engaging social enterprises over all the continents – is taking place on the African continent in 2011. This year’s theme is ‘Social enterprise as a catalyst for sustainable development’. The intention is to have a ‘how to’ approach that covers topics such as sustainability, performance and social impact (..)”…Read more.

May 30 – June 1st

Socap Europe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

”Call it blended value, call it philanthrocapitalism, call it social investing. Whatever you call it, it’s a wave and it is happening now:  people want their money to have meaning.  The emergence of the Social Capital Market means that we are moving beyond the myopia of demanding only financial return, without thought for social and environmental impact.  Return is now also measured in solutions. SOCAP is coming to Europe for one simple reason: it is time.  Progressive impact driven investors, entrepreneurs, and multi generational families are now ready to meet at the intersection of money and meaning”.. Stay tuned to hear more about the upcoming conference.

June 24th – June 25th 2011

Get on the dancefloor: Inspiring moves in Sustainability, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

“Looking to the myriad of growing business initiatives in sustainability and social ventures one will get very excited. All over the globe hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, idealists and youngsters have understood the signs of the time. Let’s make planet earth a better place for all. Show what you do, move and involve others. Get on the dancefloor!
We call this conference Get on the Dancefloor Part I, because it is the revival of Social Venture Network Europe. We have been away from the international arena for some time and now we are connecting the power of the founders to the energy of the future generation. This will lay the foundations of a strong community of entrepreneurial individuals that have sustainability as the core idea in their business. This will lead to Get on the Dancefloor Part II in 2012. You are all invited!”…Read more.

October 19th – October 22nd 2011

PopTech 2011: The World Rebalancing, Camden, Maine, USA

“We are in the midst of a great realignment – a series of connected and converging revolutions in technology, economics, ecology, energy, geopolitics and culture that mark the end of one global era and the beginning of another. The world is rebalancing. The established global order and institutions which have reigned for decades are being challenged — from far away, from below, and from within. And new powers are rising — not just nations, but new kinds of networks, leaders and influencers. The very nature of power itself is evolving. These revolutions are remaking relationships between individuals; reframing our notions of governance; redrawing the geography of innovation; driving entirely new kinds of business opportunities; introducing new voices into global culture; and unleashing a wave of reactionary counter-forces, all at the same time.

With this “rise of the rest,” success has new street addresses: Mumbai, Shanghai, Sao Paolo and @everywhere. As the compass needle tilts from West to East, North to South, and physical to virtual, what changes? Strategically? Economically? Technologically? Culturally? Geopolitically? Will these changes help or hinder us in tackling our most urgent challenges? PopTech 2011 will look ahead at the new rule sets, opportunities and imperatives that this great rebalancing might bring. As always, we’ll bring together eminent and emerging leaders, innovators and change agents in business, science, technology, design, social innovation, entrepreneurship, education and the arts for a conversation on these themes like no other”…Read more.

October 3oth – November 2nd 2011

Social Enterprise Summit 2011, Chicago, USA

Fueling Economic Growth, Driving Social Impact: Join us at the premier gathering of social entrepreneurs, investors, nonprofit leaders and change-makers from around the globe advancing this new sector. Help advocate for wider use of social enterprise approaches; Learn best practices for building sustainable mission-based enterprises; Get inspired by touring successful social enterprises in Chicago; Make new connections and expand your network”…Read more.

I will update the list, if I come across other exiting offers. And if you know of some I should include to the list, please let me know.