World Press Photo winners: pictures that speak louder than words

Posted on February 15, 2011


In the name of Victoria

Pictures sometimes speak louder than any words. Sometimes they even yell at you, and to such an extent that you might find yourself surprised, that one single picture could have such an impact on you.  The very best of such pictures, covering the realities of contemporary human existence, have just been awarded by the prestigious World Press Photo. The Danish photographer Mads Nissen won third prize for his photo coverage of the story about a nameless girl lying on a chair in a storage room of a hospital in Nepal; a girl with an exceptional large head caused by hydrocephalus, a disease she was born with, and only too-late treated for. These very pictures were brought in a Danish newspaper, and they yelled so loud, that one woman took action and it triggered an intense public debate. Read the remarkable story here.

All the pictures honored by the World Press Photo jury have such an effect; in particular the first prized picture of the year by Jodi Bieber. It literally leaves you speechless, touched and frustrated; restless with a desire to act. You owe it to yourself and the stories behind, to check it out.

Congratulations to all the photographers for their excellent work, and a vast thank you, for bringing important stories into the center of public awareness and debate around the globe. Your work is invoking the change-maker in others.