Life is beautiful

Posted on December 15, 2010


Writings on John Lennon Wall, Prague

Life is beautiful. That is it. That is all.

Life really is beautiful…

This is one of my favorite pictures of street art, or street wisdom as I call it, given that someone in the heat of a moment has decided to write these specific words on a wall. The canvas is John Lennon wall in Prague, a remarkable place, a small piece of history. Thousands of ‘street artist’ have since the 1980s contributed to this explosion of colors and statements. One of these artists stood, at an unknown time, in front of the wall and decided to write, among all possible statements, life is beautiful. At some point later, I walk by and this statement catches my attention among the endless scripts on the large heavy-painted wall; captures it with my camera. And such his or her words lives on; while long covered in new paint and fresh words on the John Lennon wall, it now is living as a canvas, appreciated and portrayed, in a Copenhagen home. As if I took this little piece of art with me. Perhaps others did the same. It is peculiar how things travel in this fashion; perplex infinite webs of travels, immortalizing the words and art of a stranger.

And just to end at another, less philosophic note, I leave this one for you to contemplate about (I am not telling what is on the other side of that wall)..

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